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This page addresses the two-pronged question: Why get certified as a CMP, and why hire a CMP?

Note that in 2005, the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) confirmed our trademark rights to use the mark CMP, and in 2011 we received patent-pending protection from the USPTO for our process and methodology.

Hiring Managers and HR Professionals would love to have access to job applicants/candidates 360's that may have been conducted by their past/present employers. However, due to confidentiality and privacy reasons, they are unable to get access to them.

The CMP is, at its most basic, a means for prospective employers to know that the candiate/applicant that they are considering for a position has scored at least 70% (overall) on the 7 key areas (identified in Level 1 or 2) 360's conducted by CMP Institute.

In addition, having a CMP certification tells your current and prospective employer that you are serious about your career, and that you are committed to continued growth and learning (a rare, but vital, quality in today's competitive job and business market).

Like any certification, our certifications are no magical silver-bullets or panaceas. However, when combined with a well-suited education, experience and employment history, and other tangible and intangible qualities and characteristics of an individual, our certification(s) can give you the edge in getting that job (or if you are an employer, in finding that prospective employee who brings the edge your company needs).

Bottom line: The CMP (and the more advanced CbMP, CitMP, MBA-lite and MIS-lite credentials) are a way of differentiating yourself (and your company) from the competition. While there is never any guarantee in life (except for, as they say, death and taxes), we believe that our credentials can give you that edge you need and want.

We thank you for considering one (or more) of our credentials [or, if you are an employer, for considering one (or more) of our certified applicants]. If there is anything we can do to better serve you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here for you.