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In their training endeavors, our classroom instructors have received numerous accolades. Here are just a few of them. Note that we are also including some not-so-happy comments so you know that we did not just pick the good ones ... we can't please everyone, but our instructors have consistently pleased well over 95% of the attendees in their programs with a rating of at least 4.0 out of a possible 5.


> CMP (Certified Management Professional) Soft-Skills Training

> CbMP (Certified Business Management Professional) Mini-MBA

> CitMP (Certified Information Technology Management Professional) Mini-MIS


  • Fantastic Instructor!! Really enjoyed the class. Very knowledgeable. Well studied, flexible, great instructor. Very thorough class.
  • Excellent instructor. He not only knew the material well but engaged the class to participate and ultimately learn.
  • He is the best. I'm glad he was my instructor. Very helpful. Makes you feel very comfortable you are not afraid to participate.
  • Very, very knowledgeable and effective. Kept us involved as tired as we all were . Good instructor.
  • Very knowledgeable & share his own experience beyond the book ... Excellent, gives hands on experience
  • He is a excellent instructor. Great knowledge. Great humor
  • Good - time constrained but effective
  • Needs to consider experience level of participants in order to be able to meet his expectations of classroom projects. Very knowledgeable, presents well!
  • Knowledgeable, funny. Very knowledgeable in subject
  • The instructors was very good. Great. Perfect speaker/great entertainer.
  • Really great, clear, easy to understand. I really enjoyed what he brought to the class and the way he teaches.
  • Great instructor. Very good speaker but did waylay sometimes.
  • V. Good. Could guide discussion towards topic only slightly more.
  • Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Excellent! Speaker had a tireless energy
  • Great knowledge. Good speaker/teacher. Great attitude, very funny.
  • I was very impressed with his knowledge and teaching style. He went beyond to help each of us.
  • Extremely knowledgeable. Was able to convey info effectively.
  • Fabulous job.
  • He was great, kept it interesting. He kept a dry subject interesting and the team engaged.
  • Nice work!
  • Very knowledgeable, great presentation, read audience well and used/pulled participation.
  • Enjoyed teaching methods. Great. Very knowledgeable – made you learn.
  • Good speaker. I like how you summarized the slides in a different way than they were written.
  • Good pace. Very knowledgeable, interactive, engaging. Knows his job so well!
  • Excellent! Great communicator and appropriate examples from real world experiences.
  • Great conveyor of information. Great hands-on experience. Knowledgeable, patient, engaging, challenging.
  • Held attention, kept class moving. I really enjoyed and liked him and he did a great job.
  • Interesting facilitator, knowledgeable. Great instructor, knowledgeable. Glad to learn from someone so accomplished.
  • Confident, knowledgeable, energetic. He was effective speaker. Held attention and made it fun.