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Membership in CMP Institute is by-invitation-only and is only available to those who have successfully completed one or more of our five certifications. Upon successful completion of one or more of these certifications, you will be invited to become a member of CMP Institute. Please note that we generally send out these invitations only once or twice a year, so please be patient if you don't get your invitation as soon as you receive your certification. Thank you.

Membership costs just $95/year and provides you with the following member-only exclusive benefits:

  • Daily networking: You can network electronically (via Social Media platforms/forums) with other CMP Institute certified professionals to continue to expand your professional and social circles, and thereby ensure your ongoing career advancement and success.
  • Weekly newsletters: On topics in soft-skills (including Improving Performance, Professionalism, Self-Management, Respecting Others, Team Building, Developing Others, and Driving Performance) as well as hard-skills in business and technology management.
  • Monthly webinars: By industry professionals, thought leaders and other experts in personal and professional development, including topics related to success, management, leadership, business and technology. Who would you like to see/hear/read? Do let us know.
  • Quarterly journals: Including the latest, most cutting-edge tools, techniques and technologies for skill and career advancement. You will also have an opportunity to contribute articles and thought leadership to these journals. If interested, please do let us know.
  • Annual recertification: Your one low annual membership of $95/year includes recertification for all your CMP Institute certifications. You do not need to pay separately for each of the recertifications (including CMP, CbMP, CitMP, MBA-lite, and MIS-lite certifications).

Remember that membership is a requirement for you to be able to use your certification credential after your name (e.g. FirstName LastName, CMP, CxMP, MXY-lite). You are expected to comply with the ongoing learning requirements for your specific credential(s), specifically 12 hours per year per certification (CMP, CbMP, CitMP). For more details, please see the individual certification web pages.