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In business as in life, you ultimately get what you deserve, not just what you negotiate.

- Sanjay Anand, Founder and CEO, CMP Institute

That is why we are committed to teaching you how to be more, do more, have more, and most importantly deserve more.

CMP® Soft-Skills Training

"Certified Management Professional training services for professionals, managers, directors and leaders."

Our CMP Soft-Skills Training Series includes the following courses. Please contact us if you are interested in having us teach one or more of these programs at your location (i.e. at your company, or if you are a training/conference organizer at a public seminar that you are planning).

Each program is offered in three formats: half-day overview, one-day intensive, and two-day immersion.


Coaching Training focuses on helping coaches properly define their coaching roles and provides the skills needed for success.  A wide range of activities fall under the label of coaching—guiding, teaching motivating, and mentoring—and this program is designed to train for one-on-one coaching situations. 

Communication Skills Training offers all the resources and tools needed for effective communication skills.  Use this complete program to design presentation, negotiation, conflict resolution, or assertiveness skills for group or work teams or to design interpersonal communication learning for your entire organization.

For any organization that wants to develop knowledgeable, responsive customer relations specialists to improve customer satisfaction and raise the bar for service excellence, Customer Service Training provides practical, hands-on guidance. Dozens of field-tested exercises, games, activities, icebreakers, and assessment instruments help you teach employees the importance of customer service and improve their performance. Customer Service Training teaches the importance of happy customers and will help you improve the disposition, timeliness, attitudes, and problem solving capabilities of customer facing employees.

Everyone is required to make decisions and solve problems in their business and personal lives. Many are handled quickly and without much thought, but most of us procrastinate or over analyze the more important decisions. Decision-Making Training helps you make effective and appropriate decisions. The program focuses on helping individuals define the elements of effective decision-making techniques and provides the skills needed for success. It provides an easily understandable structured process, and is designed to train people interactively as they develop and use the strategies presented to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their decisions.

Traditionally, Diversity education initiatives inevitably involve the catchphrase "celebrate diversity." Although we appreciate this approach, this program offers a fresh perspective called Conversity, defined as a process that brings people together through an active search for common ground. It includes guidance on how to build a case for improving diversity relations, along with ammunition to use when separating myth from fact in your debates.

Facilitation skills are critical for today’s successful business leaders, managers, and learning professionals. Do your key leaders and managers have the skills needed to be great facilitators?

Innovation Training offers you a language and a framework that will build understanding of how "innovation happens" and move your organization toward a more innovation-focused mindset. You can use this program to develop key innovation competencies among individual performers, groups, or teams, and throughout your organization. Innovation Training will help you create an organization that "thinks" and acts with more creativity, collaborates more effectively, and implements new ideas more rigorously.

Learn how to integrate 10 key Leadership competencies that get results. This program is directed toward all levels of leaders, from executives to middle managers to project managers. The tools this program provides can also be used to develop high-potential, next-generation leaders. The training programs are designed to be experiential, minimizing emphasis on lecture and focusing on shaping participant attitudes. In addition, the program focuses on giving individual learners support through discussion and participant reflection.

This practical program is ideal for organization development practitioners, change agents, chief exective officers, and others who seek to create solid change programs within their organizations. Leading change involves more than simply reducing resistance; it involves creating an awareness of the challenges and responsibilities that each person (no matter his or her level in the organization) faces as a change initiative goes forward.

Listening Skills Training is designed to train people in one-on-one scenarios as well as small or large groups with little or no adjustment. Workshop participants will learn to listen empathetically, paraphrase responses, identify bad listening behaviors, and understand the tricky business of nonverbal communication.